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kouichi, digimon

October 2011



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Oct. 25th, 2011

kouichi, digimon

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I don't know how to describe it except to say that time moves way too fast. Sorry I haven't written anything in awhile. Life has been overwhelming! I'm finally in my last year of school and I have way too much work and no motivation to do any of it...can't wait for the real world! Anyways, just wanted to type a little and prove that I'm still alive. lol.

May. 12th, 2011

kouichi, digimon


Hello! It's been forever since I wrote anything and I really wanted to post so here I go...lol. Life has been crazy! I've been studying over in Japan and I LOVE it here! But it's hard...I'm missing American food..and my family...and American TV. But otherwise Japan is perfect! My Japanese is improving and I'm meeting so many wonderful people! I recently got up the courage to watch Digimon Xros Wars. I was worried because the Digimon Savers was so different from the first three season and not that great...so I though Xros Wars would be the same...

but boy was I wrong!

It's amazing! Just the first two minutes of the first episode is enough to have you hooked forever! I love it and I can't wait to watch more!

School is going on...ew...lol. Midterms are next week! Wish me luck :D

Dec. 5th, 2009

kouichi, digimon


So basically my life is insane!!!!! I have two papers, and two finals to study for all of which must be finished by monday. Also, I must have all my friends christmas presents delivered and wrapped. (but in the opposite order of course). I am just a little stressed out but at least I have my fanfics to calm me down when I get super stressed. I can't wait for tomorrow cause I get a little break from school! I'm going over to my best friends house and having a gingerbread party with them! ya! we're going to make a gingerbread house contest and watch the ACC championship on Tv hoping for my school to win. I hope that they do! ya! Basically I'm totally ready for it to be tuesday so I can go home!!! I love home and can't wait to be done with school for awhile. wahoo!

Nov. 8th, 2009

kouichi, digimon


 So I'm officially learning some.  Yesterday I joined communities for disney stuff, slash fanfiction for harry potter, digimon, and yu-gi-oh cause I love those.  I also joined some music groups and I can't wait to explore more.  I love to play the piano and hope I can find a group with music cause that'd be amazing.  Today I was forced to wake up extremely early (9:30) because I my roommate turned on the tv super loud and watched the highlights of our football game from yesterday...she went to the game yesterday so what inspires her to watch the highlights...i don't understand....then she decided it would be a smart idea to empty the dishwasher, with her guy friends who slept over last night and are extremely loud.  So I decided to put my ipod in, which totally worked until she decided to vacuum!!!!! what the heck!  finally she was done and i fell asleep again, only to be woken up when she got in the shower.  When somone gets in the shower in our apartment, my room is right next to the pipes so I can hear the water running extremely loudly right next to my ear. I can't wait till thanksgiving break so I can go home and get away from her.  Well anyways can't wait to have a wonderful day and maybe I'll actually get some homework done but probably not. lol.

Nov. 7th, 2009

kouichi, digimon

(no subject)

Hello! My name is leviosa89 and I decided to join livejournal today.  I hope that it won't be too addicting, but i've heard from many sources that it is.  Can't wait to start looking around, making friends, and joining groups. So excited! It all is a little overwhelming though and very confusing, hence the confused picture of rajah. If anyone has some helpful tips that would be greatly appreciated. Here is my bio if you are too lazy to look at my info page:

 I love life and I love Harry Potter and Disney!!!!!! I love listening to all types of music and hearing people's different opinions on topics large and small. I love to read and do crafts :) I love math (but am not very good at it), fanfiction, and watching movies with my best friend who is also my sister. ya! I love to laugh and hang out with my friends, I have a few really close friends instead of tons of okay friends and I like it that way. I love my family more than anything and miss them when I'm at school in South Carolina. I love my puppy, Lumos, and all animals in general! It is important to enjoy life, and there's no need to rush through it. I like to take me time going places and enjoy the travel to my location as much as the location itself. As Winnie the Pooh says, "Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day." I love slash fanfiction especially digimon and harry potter. I love anything from Japan and am majoring in Japanese tourism. I hope to one day work at Tokyo DisneySea.

YA! Super excited to start searching for friends/communities :D